Lin Fei Fei is a professional artist from Shenyang, China. After completing her Master’s degree in neo-expressionism oil painting, she moved to Sacramento, California where she now lives and works. Fei has experience working and painting in over a dozen countries and has participated in exhibitions in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Her art has been collected by art galleries and museum enthusiasts throughout China.  In 2016, she was chosen as one of the ten "Contemporary Chinese Artists of the Future" by the Wang Shi Kuo Art Foundation in Beijing, China. Fei also as a part time curator, organizing many international art shows including most recently the East Meets West Exhibition and 2nd Annual of Borderless Contemporary Art Exhibition. Whether by painting or curating, Fei’s goal is to bring art and cultures together to spur further inspiration and the growth of international art. The themes of Fei's art revolve around freedom and the mixture between emotions and the real world. Many of her pieces combine abstract techniques and realism to explore the energy of life and the varying atmospheres that people live in.